Sunday, July 17, 2011

Captain Redbeard + M:Tron joining forces...!

Yes yes, I know the M:Trons are supposed to be the good guys... ;o)

You can see the visor doesn't have the "neon-green" glow that the real LEGO version has (since my printer doesn't print in neon ink) and you can see the glueing tabs are showing of course (since the part is transparant ;o) but I really like the effect of the transparant visor!

I still have to make the instructions (I decided not to re-use some of Captain Redbeard's instructions, even though a lot of parts are the same) so the release will still have to wait a while.

Stay tuned!


  1. Couldn't you just make the tabs on top instead on the front?

  2. You mean on the visor? For the front, I did! ;o) (you'll see in the parts when It's released)

    When the back is still open, you can easily take your time to glue the glueing tabs to the thin strips of the top and bottom of the visor properly. That way, the visor gets and can hold its curved shape.

    But then, to glue on the back, you can't reach inside anymore to adjust the glueing tabs or to press the glueing tabs and the parts together between your fingers...

    And plastic parts are *very* difficult to glue together, especially curved shapes like this!

    It was almost undoable that way, so instead for the backside (inside) of the visor, I moved all the glueing tabs to the visor's side, and then you kind of lay the inside of the visor over it. That way it was doable. ;o)

    You'll still need some very good glue, though, and don't let go too soon! (I used some tape to hold everything together while it dried)

    Any way you look at it, the glueing tabs will show if you make the visor transparant of course... It's a paper model though, so you can change the tabs around if you like! ;o)

    Disregard the glueing tabs on the template, and make your own on the opposite edge.

    Don't make them bigger/longer than the top and bottom strips are thin of course, though! ;o)

    And don't be too fast or you'll end up forgetting them...! (trying to glue the edges of the plastic sheets together without glueing tabs was... not a succes... ;o)

    If you can make it work, why not? Go for it! ;o)


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