Monday, July 18, 2011

New webpoll: cut out all the parts at once or one at a time?

Like it says:

Cut out one part at a time or all at once?

Do you...

cut out all the parts at once before you start glueing?
cut out only a few parts at once while building?
cut out only one part at a time when you need it as you go along?

Looking at the previous webpoll, I think it's not surprising that most votes went to video game models and cartoon/anime models:

I think a lot of papercrafters are originally gamers, and many of the best ones are heavily influenced by (Japanese) cartoons/anime so it's no surprise they like those too. ;o)

And of course, science fiction has always been a very popular papercraft subject! ;o)

What was a bit surprising (to me at least) is that the collectable/urban paper toys scored so low!

They actually seem to be very popular, but maybe with a different audience. Or maybe it's mostly the paper toys based on video games and cartoons or movies instead of the original ones that are the most popular, and people voted for them in the other categories?

Whatever it is, there are so many of them for a reason of course! ;o)

Have fun building!

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