Sunday, February 19, 2012

D/L #papercraft Shiroi City bus (old+new versions):

Download + build your own papercraft Shiori City bus (old + new versions)!


  1. it's equal to transmilenio from bogotá

    1. I don't really know that much about buses to be honest, but I will take your word for it! ;o)

      For bus fans, there are really *lots* of papercraft buses to be found online! I don't know if there are any papercraft TransMilenio buses already, though.

      Programs like Gimp or Photoshop can open PDF files like the ones for these papercraft buses as a regular image file, so they could be recoloured into TransMilenio versions if they really look that much alike, but it would be a lot of work (you would really need to be a big bus fan! ;o)


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