Sunday, February 26, 2012

Papercraft Simpsons couch gag living room!

In the opening credits of each episode, the Simpsons hurry home to watch some telly together in their living room, and every episode something funny happens when they sit down on the couch!

(This running joke has become so famous that it even got its own name: the "couch gag"!)

Download + build your own papercraft Simpsons living room (by Poppaper): (updated link!)

(scroll down and click the red "클릭" link below the pictures)


  1. Hy.

    The link to it no longer works.
    Maybe you have stored on the PC and can tell me maybe by e-mail please send?

    1. I'm afraid I can't send you other people's paper models if they removed them (because I don't know why they might have removed them?) but in this case, it seems the weblog where it was just got a little bit rearranged.

      With a bit of searching I found the updated link, so people can download it again (click the updated link, scroll down and click the red "클릭" link below the pictures)

      Thanks for telling me about the broken link, I hope you'll be able to download it now!


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