Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Papercraft Doctor Who The Power of Three cubes and River's diary Tardis dust cover!

In the Doctor Who episode The Power of Three, millions of small, black cubes mysteriously appear everywhere on Earth.
At first they seem dormant and people consider them a mere curiousity, but after several months some of the cubes suddenly activate with often dangerous results, and when they start to count down from 7, the Doctor realizes nothing good can come from this...

There's also a dust cover (with a Tardis theme) available to make your book look like River's diary!

Download + build your own Doctor Who "The Power of Three" cubes and River Song's diary dust cover! (by BBC One Doctor Who; thanks to Skelekitty for telling me ;o)

(click the "the Box of Delights." and "River's Diary" activities)

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