Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cute papercraft Pokémon Pikachu cosplay girl!

Cosplaying basically means dressing up as your favourite movie/cartoon/video game/etc. character. And since there are lots of Pokémon fans, there are lots of Pokémon cosplayers too! ;o)

Download + build your own cute papercraft Pokémon Pikachu cosplay girl! (by Yam Paper Blog) Don't forget the password for the ZIP-file! (pw: ...)


  1. Guys, what's the password? I found this here 纸 漫 糖, but not copy and paste works. How will I enter it?

    1. The download link itself isn't password protected, so first copy+paste the mediafire link to download the ZIP file (ZIP files can be opened with tools like 7-Zip, or whichever one you want to use if you already have one).

      It's the ZIP file itself that's password protected, so if you try to open it after downloading it, a password-input screen should pop-up: but the password is not in Japanese or anything!

      It really is right below the "pw:" line, and it's basically the URL of the Yam Pepa Blog; copy it in its entirety from the "h" to the "a" without extra spaces at the end or anything, and the RAR file should unpack.

    2. Thanks, you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I'm glad you got it to work, have fun building!


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