Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012: Papercraft World of Warcraft Harvest Golem!

Here's my Halloween papercraft special for 2012: a World of Warcraft Harvest Golem!

Why it's called a Harvest Golem? Well, I guess because it likes 'harvesting' your organs if you're not careful... ;o)

I was originally planning on making a different model first for this year's Halloween, but in the end I decided on the WoW Harvest Golem, and here it is!

Download the parts and instructions to build your own papercraft World of Warcraft Harvest Golem (and lots more!) from my papercraft webpage:
Have fun building!



    1. Nice! A lot of people like papercraft Warhammer 40k models, even if they don't play the game; the ones from "Adeptus" or in his style are especially popular I think. ;o)

      Years ago I found a papercraft "Imperator Titan" (not an "official" one though), *the* biggest Warhammer 40k warmachine! Because almost all the sites where you could get it were dead back then, I asked the creator about it and he let me host it on my weblog, maybe you will like it too if you like Warhammer 40k machines: (it's uncoloured yet, though!)


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