Saturday, February 9, 2013

Papercraft Advance Wars Black Hole Anti-Air release!

Papercraft allied aircraft (and especially allied infantry...) beware, the Black Hole Anti-Air unit is here! ;o)

Download the parts and instructions to build your own papercraft Advance Wars Black Hole Anti-Air unit (+lots more!) from my papercraft webpage: Have fun building!


  1. HI..I know this is going to sound crazy so here it goes,I have a small ad firm (I started it in aug)I have a shot to work with a national account but my idea needs to have a car made out of paper that I can hang in stores (I got a contract for 36 convenience store and 2 car washes) I was wondering if you could help me find someone that would be able help point me in the right direction? Or where you are located or where there might be a web site that I could check out? Thank you for all of the tips that you have put on this site! I have been trying to build a car(just to show my partner what I want to do)
    my email is Amy@lizardonatankcom my website is my office number is 215-375-2802 Thanks for reading!!! Thanks for helping!!!!!

    1. Hi there, thank you for contacting me!

      I'm from the Netherlands and my main papercraft webpage is at: (on this blog I show my "works in progress" and paper models from other people that I think other people might like).

      For me though, papercraft is just a hobby that I enjoy doing in my spare time, so I never did any commercial work or anything like that... This Black Hole Anti-Air unit was simply made by hand, drawing the 2D parts from the 3D model in my head directly on a piece of paper (although you could draw them in a computer program like Photoshop or a CAD program too of course!), colouring it in aquarel, and then scanning and uploading the parts to my papercraft webpage.

      Of course that's one way of making a paper model, which is one of the easiest methods I think, especially if the shapes/models you want to make are just simple ones. And the more models you make, the better you get at making more difficult shapes of course. ;o)

      In the Advance Wars and TIE-fighter W.I.P. sections on my papercraft weblog here you can see some of the steps I take to make a paper model by hand like that: (scroll down past the Luke Skywalker)

      But many people nowadays that just make paper models as a hobby use a program called Pepakura Designer: to unfold a digital 3D model into 2D papercraft parts.

      It's a very easy program to use I think, and the most time consuming and challenging part, is to prepare the 3D model for unfolding; if you make the 3D model entirely from scratch yourself (you can really use any 3D software you want or are familiar with for this, like SketchUp or Blender, or more sophisticated ones) you can control exactly how you will unfold it later.

      But even if you start with an existing 3D model, you will almost always have to do some work to make it suitable to be unfolded (normal 3D models almost always have issues that don't matter in the virtual 3D world, but that will cause problems when you try to unfold and build them directly in paper...)

      So you could try one of those two methods to make your own papercraft car if you want to! ;o) It could be as simple or as detailed as you'd like of course, although don't forget to factor in the time it will take to build 38 of them if you make them very difficult and detailed...! ;o)

    2. Like I said, I never really do any commercial work, but I do know a person in the Netherlands, Cees Oosterom, that made lots of papercraft advertising including cars that look great but aren't too difficult to build:

      And someone who has been in the news lately because of the papercraft cars he made for clients is Taras Lesko, from the Visual Spicer website:

      And Julius Perdana from Paper-Replika makes lots of free models, but also sometimes commisioned ones for ad/merchandising:

      I'm sure Cees Oosteroom or Taras Lesko or Julius Perdana or another commercial papercrafter (there are more of course) that's into advertising would be more than happy to work with you (do mention my name if you do decide to contact them ;o) if you don't decide to try it yourself of course! ;o)

      I'm sorry I can't really help you better than this, but I hope your papercraft car project will take off; I'm sure with a bit of work and practice, you'll find that making a paper model really isn't that difficult! ;o)

      Good luck and have fun, and do show me the results of your project when it's done! ;o)


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