Sunday, February 24, 2013

Papercraft rich people's toys!

Gentlemen's Report made some new papercraft models (and moved them around on the site a bit!) after the Porsche 911 Urelfer, 118 WallyPower luxury superyacht and the executive's chair, like the Swiss Matterhorn mountain, a fisherman's hat, a three-story doghouse and a simple 2.5D Saab JAS 39 jetfighter!

Download papercraft rich people's toys (by Gentlemen's Report):

(click "[mehr"] below the pictures and then the black download arrows for the PDF parts files)


  1. Hi, the link is dead. Does anyone have chance to download the model of ship as shown above? See if possible to share with me :)

    1. In the past, Gentlemen's Report moved the paper models around a bit on their website making the links go dead too, but now it looks like the site is gone completely... :o(

      I did find a new website: but unfortunately the links for the PDF files seem to lead to the dead site again... :o(

      Unfortunately, because it is not my own website or paper models of course, I'm afraid I can't really help you, but maybe you can contact them and ask if they still have the models and would be willing to send them to you?

      I don't think the e-mail listed on "The Gentlemen's Report" website works anymore, but as I recall, it was part of the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" and you should be able to still contact them of course: (it's a Swiss newspaper, but I'm sure they will understand you if you write to them in English)

      I'm sorry I can't help you better than this, but I hope the people at NZZ will be able to help you!

  2. Many thanks Mr Ninjatoes, I will try try :p


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