Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updated papercraft links section!

I've always had a small links section on my main papercraft webpage, but on my WIP and daily features weblog here, I created a much bigger papercraft links section from many of the papercraft bookmarks I found over the years, categorized in sections like Aircraft, Boats, Cars, and so on.

But because there are so many links, I've made a start to divide them even further into subsections to hopefully make it a little bit easier to navigate.

I've only done the Aircraft section so far, but while I was at it I weeded out some dead links and fixed some changed ones, so the links that are there should be working (let me know if they aren't! ;o)

I don't know when I'll have the time to do some of the other link sections as well, but for now, you can browse the new and improved papercraft aircraft links (and the other ones too, of course ;o) here:
And of course people are making new papercraft models every day, so keep checking the frontpage of my papercraft weblog for daily features from other people (and my own releases of course ;o) as well! ;o)

Have fun papercrafting!

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