Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Papercraft Sword Art Online Kirito!

"Kirito" is the online persona of Kazuto Kirigaya, the main character in the Sword Art Online series!

Download + build your own papercraft Sword Art Online Kirito (by Gankutsu-o-taku):

(you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)


  1. Do not have the version without lines?

    1. Because this papercraft model wasn't made by myself, I can only download the same versions as you of course, and no, there doesn't seem to be a lineless version.

      Unfortunately, the PDO file was locked with a password by Gankutsu-o-taku, if you can contact him maybe he will make a lineless version for you, or tell you the password so you can do it yourself with the Pepakura Designer version of the Pepakura software.

      In that case, you don't have to pay to register for the full the Pepakura Designer software, though: with the shareware version you can open PDO files too (with the unlock password from the creator or any unlocked PDO file of course) and then in the Settings menu, you can change the Mountain and Valley Fold Lines style to None to make a lineless version. Then you can print the lineless version *before* closing the software (because with the shareware version, you can't save or export your changes, that's the limitation on the unregistered version).

      So long story short: the only one that can help you is the creator of the paper model, Gankutsu-o-taku, I hope he will reply to you soon!


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