Monday, April 29, 2013

Updated "Cars" + "Motorbikes" papercraft links sections!

Sifting through the "Cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles" papercraft links on my weblog was *a lot* of work, but I finally did it! (and with so many new papercraft vehicles being made everyday, I could probably start all over again already... ;o)

In it, you can find lots of links to all kinds of papercraft you can download, like regular cars, race cars, buses, trucks, construction vehicles, garbage trucksfire trucks, police cars, ambulances and lots and lots more!

Just like the "Aircraft" category that I went over earlier, I split it up into different sub sections to hopefully make it a bit easier to find a specific type of vehicle.

For the same reason I also split up the "Helicopters" and "Motorbike, scooters and bicycles" links into separate sections now. Go check it out:
Have fun building! ;o)

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