Monday, April 22, 2013

Papercraft Zelda classic octoroks WIP!

I found these classic octoroks among the *many* other papercraft ideas still in the old "to do"-folder (which only seems to get bigger instead of smaller...) and I decided to finally finish them!

Octoroks are (literally!) Link's oldest enemies, and although they didn't always look like this, I really like this version because they look kinda cute, like the Game Boy Color/Advance versions. ;o)

Since the different octorok enemies in the Game Boy games are basically just simple sprite palette switches I'll make several papercraft versions too (red, blue, golden and a green "Octo Link" from when Link wears the "Octo Ring" in Oracle of Ages/Seasons ;o)

As you can see, they'll be pretty simple with not a lot of parts (I didn't want to "roundify" them more because well, I'm a sucker for those old-style, simple looks ;o) so they should be done soon.

Stay tuned!

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