Friday, June 28, 2013

Papercraft Pokémon Tanabata festival diorama!

Tanabata is an annual Japanese festival, which will be held August 13th 2013 this year.

People write their wishes on colourful strips of paper and hang them from decorated bamboo branches outside their houses, hoping they will come true!

Download + build your own simple papercraft Pokémon Tanabata diorama
(by Pokémon with YOU):
(click the two buttons on the right)


  1. Hi ... friends could help me by passing that model to my mail ... in the official page are no longer available... please help me

    1. I'm afraid it's like you say: this was on the Pokémon site a few years back, and doesn't seem available anymore... :o( Maybe somebody saved it, but if not, I hope you will enjoy the many other Pokémon papercrafts that are online! ;o)


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