Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stadtmarketing Lüchow Amtsturm tower papercraft toy holiday contest!

The "Amtsturm" in Lüchow, Germany, is the last remaining piece of the former Lüchow castle, which burnt down almost completely in 1811... :o(

Nowadays, the tower is home to a museum about Lüchow's history, and Stadtmarketing Lüchow is holding a contest where you can build a papercraft toy of the Lüchow Amtsturm, take a picture of it while anywhere where you happen to be on holiday, and send the picture by e-mail to Stadtmarketing Lüchow before August 7th 2013.

The pictures will be posted on the website and Facebook page of the city of Lüchow, and for one of the entries that will be randomly chosen, there will be a nice surprise!

You can get the printed sheets to build the papercraft Almturm in the City Hall and some shops in Lüchow, but you can also download the sheets to print yourself from the Facebook page:

For more information on the contest (in German!) and a phone number if you have questions, you can visit the contest page here: link

Good luck and have fun!

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