Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Papercraft Space Shuttle Atlantis

When the Space Shuttle orbiter "Atlantis" returned from mission STS-135 on July 21 2011, NASA's Space Shuttle program finally came to an end...

Download + build your own papercraft Space Shuttle Atlantis (+lots more, by paper-replika.com):
(don't forget the PDF-file password mentioned on the paper-replika.com website!)


  1. The shuttle has the wrong markings (NASA worm logo and the NASA meatball on the wing are from two different periods) and 8 cockpit windows instead of 6. For just a model it looks okay but it is incorrect if you'd consider it a realistic model. Julius absolutely has a number of brilliant models but in this case I still prefer AXM's 1/144 shuttle which is 100% accurate.

    1. Yes, definitely! Paper-Replika's models are cool, but the AXM's website has detailed space shuttles of pretty much every NASA space shuttle mission! ;o)

      (although not *all* their space shuttles are historical NASA-accurate either: papercraft James Bond Moonraker space shuttle ;o)


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