Tuesday, May 19, 2020

papercraft U.S.S. Defiant built by Tomek from Poland!

Even if it's been a while since I received pictures of one of my papercraft models built by somebody else, I hope a lot of people still enjoy them of course! (I do still see pictures sometimes on Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, or other social websites of course 😉)

This time though, Tomek from Poland sent several pictures of the papercraft U.S.S. Defiant that he made to me directly: I think it's Bill Perry's redraw version, and Tomek did some extra work like weathering the exhausts and off-setting some of the parts giving it some extra depth and detail, which gives it a personal touch and looks really nice! 🚀😀

Don't forget to check out the 'hall of fame' on my papercraft webpage for lots more pictures by Tomek and lots of other people:


Have fun building!

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