Wednesday, June 22, 2022

free papercraft Dublin LGTBQ Pride Parade buses

Pride Month is probably best known in its USA version, but actually many other countries hold celebrations recognizing the LGBTQ community in June as well. 😃

Take Dublin for example, which has an annual Pride Festival (this year on June 22-26).
Because the last two years the Dublin Pride Festival couldn't continue  though, Rob Loughlin (who made the cool papercraft fire trucks, ambulance and police car I showcased earlier) made some colorful Dublin LGTBQ Pride Parade buses, which you can still download from his own website!

That way, you can always celebrate the Dublin Pride Parade at home, but this year everybody's welcome again in persion as well June 25th! 🚌🌈🍀🙂

Download + build your own free papercraft Dublin LGTBQ Pride Parade buses (by Rob Loughlin):

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