Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pepakura Lulu, part 2

Instead of unfolding a paper model completely in one go, I always like to unfold my paper models in separate parts.

That way, the separate Pepakura Designer files are just a bit more orderly and easier to work with, especially with models that have a lot of parts and/or are very complex.

So this time, I've unfolded Lulu's dress, fur collar and chest+neck. They're the three parts that come together at the top of the dress, so I can check if they fit together the way I planned: link

After I've test built those parts, I'll do the belts, one of the defining features of Lulu's character design. The parts themselves aren't very difficult, but there are a lot of them, so I thought it would be best to test "build" them separately as well. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. You are right with seperate pepakura parts.

    It helps to keep an overview about what you have done and what is still to do. When you have the whole model in one file you sometimes get confused, seeing all these mixed up parts.

  2. Yes, it's just much easier to see what you're doing if you keep everything in one, big Pepakura file, especially with big or complex models with lots of parts (but you have experience with that, so you know ;o)

    So I find it easier to split it up in more manageable pieces, and copypaste the good ones together later on. That way you also don't have to re-unfold *everything*, if you want to fix just one part. ;o)


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