Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lulu test build, part 4

Here's Lulu with her head!

I won't test build her jewelry, because I'll simply make the necklaces and hairpins as flat parts, and well... 2D is pretty hard to mess up. ;o)

The last parts I will test build, are the hands. I've already made the changes I wanted to make after the test builds so far, so once I'm happy with those, I can start the final build!

Stay tuned!


  1. Her head looks kinda flat and different in relation to face i have in my mind when i think of Lulu.

    Maybe it is a bad angle.

  2. Lulu really does have kind of a slender face according to the 3D model: the proportions and such come from the actual 3D model from the game I started with.

    My test builds are always done in a hurry, though, maybe you'll like it better when it's built with a bit more care on the final version? I'll be able to start that soon! ;o)

  3. I think you overexposed it. It takes away all the depth in the light parts and makes the face and chest look flat in the picture.

  4. Ah, maybe Jouzu meant that...? I think the light was a bit too bright, yes; I'm not a very good photographer, I'm afraid... ;o)

  5. I think it is the faces new texture that makes me think she looks different to the games model.

  6. The texture is the same as the one from the game, but on a printed surface it does look different than it does on your screen of course.

    Also, I did use the lowest print setting here, to save some ink because this was only a test build, maybe you will like it better when it's printed with a higher print setting too. ;o)


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