Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Leggy Lulu

My test builds always end up "a bit" sloppy to save time, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with how all the parts went together so far, so I won't have to change too much about the shapes themselves.

I do think I will br/l/ighten the textures a bit though, because as you can see, when printed they end up a bit darker than I'd like.

So far so good, next I'll unfold and test build Lulu's dress!

Stay tuned!


  1. Thank you for making Lulu!!! If other designers would do it, she probably wouldn't have leges just because she doesn't have them in the game and they just rip and unfold it and they don't look how they can make it better like you do!

  2. That's just a choice every papercrafter has their own ideas about of course; the fun part of papercraft is, that it's so easy to create a model that is the way *you* like it! That's why so many people are doing it now I think. ;o)

    I think in the game, it would just have been a waste of computing power to give Lulu legs, since you don't really get to see them. But for a paper model on your desk or bookshelf, I felt Lulu would look better *with* legs, but others might feel Lulu would look okay without legs too.

    For instance, although I gave young Link a pair of buttocks to attach his legs to, I didn't even give princess Zelda legs, because that time I felt she looked great without legs already! ;o)

    So it really differs from case to case I think. ;o)


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