Friday, May 20, 2011

Pepakura Lulu, part 4

One of the final parts that I will test build (after this, I'll do the hands).

For Lulu's hair, I want to go with a layered effect. Basically, the head will be made up from the face, the back of the head, the bangs and the ponytails.

Lulu has lots of jewelry, including several hairpins. I'll make those as simple 2D pieces, just like the belts.

Her necklaces can just be worn around her neck of course, and for the hairpins, I think it will be best to make a few small slits in the knot above her ponytails, and push them through.

That way, it will be closest to the "real" version, instead of just glueing them on top. ;o)

Stay tuned!

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