Friday, June 29, 2012

D/L chibi Vocaloid China Luo Tianyi #papercraft toy:

Download + build your own Vocaloid China Luo Tianyi papercraft toy!(by Yam Pepa Blog; don't forget the password!)


  1. i watched every where and i couldn't find the password. Can you ggive me a direct link to it, please?

    1. Reading an automated Google Translation of the webpage:
      translated page

      I think the creator decided to share it with the public only for one week in 2012 ("July 5, 2012 23.59 end", "End Publication time"), so I'm afraid the download link (and the password) is gone now... :o(

      I don't know if anybody might have saved it, or if you could contact the creator to ask if he is willing to share it with you...?

      You can still download some of the papercrafts from that website: (Mediafire links) and if a password is needed, it is marked as "PW", it's basically the homepage URL of the site.

      I'm sorry I can't help you better...! :o(


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