Saturday, June 23, 2012

papercraft Star Trek DS9 runabout repaint

Most of my papercraft Star Trek models I made by hand, and in the past, several of them have been used as the basis for a digital repaint.

Paul McCool did a repaint of my Star Trek Type-10 shuttlecraft before, and this time, he chose my Deep Space Nine runabout to give it a digital overhaul.

But it is so much more than just a simple repaint!

First, he built my original, hand drawn model to form a plan on how to tackle the project. It gave him lots of ideas on tweaking my original version, and a lot of parts not only received a digital repaint, but a bit of extra fine-tuning too.

What's more, Paul included parts with markings for 14 (!) different versions!

But there's so much more to tell about this repaint, why not let Paul do the talking himself? He posted his progress reports on his own weblog where you can read all about his repaint: The Rosco Files

You can imagine it was *a lot* of work, and as you can see here (picture) more than once he went through several versions to get things *just* right, but I think a lot of people will really like the end result! ;o)

You can find it together with my original, hand drawn version (and another revamp by Paragon) here:
Have fun building!

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