Saturday, June 23, 2012

#NotQuiteOnThisDay (2007): D/L #papercraft #Zelda Melee Link:

Since a while, I'm trying to do a whole "On This Day" series especially for my old models for which I didn't make a release video yet (because I didn't have a good digital camera or YouTube account back then yet) but I forgot one: Super Smash Bros. Melee Link!

To be honest, I like the look of Link in SSB:M better than the new, more "realistic" look, but that's just me of course. ;o)

I didn't make the paper model very big (it's only about 19 cm tall) and because it's so detailed, there are lots of very small parts, which makes it a very challenging model to build!

But if you can manage it, the end result looks great; I really like the pose he has, like he's ready to attack or defend himself. Ganondorf doesn't stand a chance! ;o)
Have fun building!

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