Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OnThisDay (2007) Final Fantasy X Rikku papercraft model!

Rikku is one of the playable characters in the video game Final Fantasy X!

Rikku is a young, cheerful Al Bhed girl that might lack physical strength, but her high agility makes her a great thief. Not only can she steal rare items and lots of Gil, she can also instantly disable many mechanical enemies by stealing vital components from their inner workings.

Furthermore, her Overdrive Mix ability lets Rikku combine any two items from the inventory, to either heal or protect the party, or to deal *massive* damage to her enemies...! ;o)

Rikku was the first Final Fantasy papercraft model I made, and I already made a few more since then, and I hope to make many more in the future; not just from Final Fantasy X, but from other Final Fantasy games as well! ;o)
Download the parts and instructions to build your own papercraft Rikku (+more!) from the Final Fantasy section on my papercraft webpage:
Have fun building!

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