Friday, August 24, 2012

Papercraft Royal Hellenic Navy armored cruiser RHN Georgios Averof!

The newest papercraft model ship from MegaMoonliner is the Greek armored cruiser RHN Georgios Averof!

Commissioned in 1911 as the flagship of the Royal Hellenic Navy during most of the first half of the 20th century, the Averof  almost single-handedly engaged the Ottoman fleet during the Balkan Wars in 1912-1913, preventing them from bringing supplies and reinforcements across the Aegean Sea to the enemy troops in the Balkans.

After surviving both World Wars as well, the Averof was finally decommisioned in 1952, and restored as a museum in 1984.

Download + build your own papercraft armored cruiser RHN Georgios Averof! (by MegaMoonLiner)

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  1. ...And she is still regarded as in commission!
    "Every Hellenic Navy ship entering or sailing in Faliron Bay honours the Averof while passing. The crew are ordered to attention (with the "Still to" order) and from the relevant Boatswain's pipe (or bugle call) every man on decks stands to attention, officers saluting, looking to the side where the Averof is in sight until "Continue" is ordered."
    It's so beautiful to know about that!...


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