Monday, August 13, 2012

Two-tone papercraft Honda CR-X!

A blue and silver Honda CR-X!

Download + build your own blue + silver Honda CR-X! (by Honda CR-X)


  1. That's a Honda BALLADE.
    BALLADE used the CR-X plans, though.

    1. I really don't know much about cars, to be honest; in these cases, I just go by what the website tells me, along with a quick Google image search to see if it looks more or less the same... ;o)

      To me, the Google image search pretty much confirmed the paper model was indeed a 2-door hatchback Honda CR-X (although with my little knowledge of cars, I'm still sometimes wrong even after a quick Google image search comparison... ;o) while Google tells me a Honda Ballade is a 4-doors sedan, and especially the backside looks really different to me...?

    2. When I used to play GT4, this car was in fact a Ballade, but whatever the search gives, Ballade and CR-X shared the exact same chassis and shape, so no biggie on this.
      In fact, there are not much images of a real Ballade on the Web, as well as the Isuzu Piazza, which was also a nice car!...


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