Friday, August 17, 2012

OnThisDay (2008): papercraft Tomb Raider 3 T-Rex trophy head!

The T-Rex trophy head is simple but fun papercraft model I made in 2008! ;o)

It's based on the T-Rex head that Lara has hanging above the fireplace in her secret trophy room* in her "humble abode" (read: enormous mansion).

Get the parts + instructions your own papercraft Tomb Raider 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex trophy head (+lots more!) from the Tomb Raider section on my papercraft webpage:
Have fun building!)

* In the trainings level at Lara's Home, push the button behind the diving board in the indoor swimming pool, then pull the lever in the secret room you just opened in the main hall, and then quickly roll and sprint towards the secret door on the opposite side , diving through the gap as the door is about to close.

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