Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#OnThisDay (2008): papercraft American McGee's Alice!

The game American McGee's Alice gave a whole new, dark twist to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland!

Shortly after Alice's second adventure ("Through The Looking Glass"), Alice looses her parents in a tragic fire... The traumatic experience causes Alice to loose contact with reality and she is put into an insane asylum.

Ten years later, Alice receives a visit from the White Rabbit, telling her Wonderland is in great trouble and they need her help!

But when Alice arrives back in Wonderland once again, she discovers her traumatized mind has warped it into a dark, twisted place under the rule of the evil Queen of Hearts, with its inhabitants changed into monstrous versions of the once so cheerful characters...
Download + build your own papercraft American McGee's Alice (+lots more!) from my papercraft webpage:
See the release video here: link
Have fun building!

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