Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Papercraft life-sized, wearable samurai helmets!

17 different life-sized, wearable papercraft samurai helmets!

Download + build your own papercraft life-sized, wearable samurai helmets (by Yonezawa Kanko-Bussan Association):


  1. Hi !
    I have benn folllowing ninjatoes since i discovered advanced wars papercrasfts,because i loved them,the question now is ,this page is in japanese,and i don't understand nothing,but i want to be able to chose one helmet¿can anyone help me?

    1. Finding the download links for the papercraft samurai helmets on the Yonezawa website isn't very difficult, even if you don't speak Japanese: if you go to the Yonezawa website (http://www.yonezawa-naoe.com/information/080813.html) and scroll down a bit, you will see many "〔PDF〕" links.

      The first few ("advice 〔PDF〕") links are general advice about how you can build the helmets. These general instructions are in Japanese, but they also have many pictures to give you a good idea on how to assemble the helmets.

      Then, for every helmet, there are 2 separate links for either a big version ("大〔PDF〕") or a small version ("小〔PDF〕").

      The other 3 links ("完成画像-前") next to each helmet are pictures so you can see what that helmet looks like and you can choose which one you want to make.

      With Google Translate, you can translate the Japanese text on the website to Spanish text (or one of the other languages that Google Translate supports of course): http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&sl=auto&tl=es&u=http://www.yonezawa-naoe.com/information/080813.html

      Even though the translation won't be 100% perfect, it gives a good idea about what it says, but unfortunately, because the helmets are described with their samurai names, it is difficult to know which is which unless you know those names of course.

      And don't forget, downloading the PDF files doesn't work very well from the translated version of the website, so you have to count which helmet it is that you want, and then find that one on the original, Japanese site to download the PDF files! ;o)

      I hope this explanation helps and you can download the parts for the helmet you want, have fun papercrafting!


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