Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Papercraft Mozilla Firefox Spark and Ember mascots!

Firefox is an alternative web browser created by Mozilla, and Spark and Ember are its mascots! ;o)

Download + build your own papercraft Mozilla Firefox 4 Spark and Ember papercraft toy mascots (by Salazad):

(old link: http://blog.mozilla.web.id/2011/04/spark-ember-papertoy/ and more Mozilla Firefox papercraft toys here: http://wiki.mozilla.org/PaperToy)


  1. 404 error - site not found

    1. Unfortunately, that happens of course, especially with "older" papercraft toys and models... :o(

      Sometimes the site just ceases to exist, and sometimes the site gets an overhaul and the paper toys get removed or misplaced...

      But fortunately, in this case, they are still there, only in a slightly different place because apparantly there was a overhaul, here is the new link: http://www.mozilla.web.id/2011/04/spark-ember-papertoy/

      There are actually a couple more Mozilla Firefox papercraft toys, if you want to see them all, you can do so here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/PaperToy

      Have fun! ;o)


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