Friday, November 30, 2012

Loenf papercraft Star Wars TIE-fighter + TIE-interceptor revamps!

If you're a visitor of the hall of fame on my papercraft webpage, you probably know Loenf! ;o)

He always does a fantastic job building papercraft science-fiction models, but this time he has a little surprise for you too!

He re-vamped my hand-drawn papercraft Star Wars TIE-fighter model (he even made new dagger-like wings so you can make it into a TIE-interceptor too! ) and after tidying up the templates he used, he wanted to share them with you guys!

Get the parts and instructions to build your own re-vamped papercraft TIE-fighter and TIE-interceptor:
If you do decide to build them, Loenf would love to see the result! ;o)

Have fun building!

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