Sunday, November 18, 2012

Papercraft One Piece Monkey D. Luffy!

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character in the manga and anime series One Piece! Together with his friends, he searches for a great treasure,and has many adventures along the way!

Download + build your own papercraft One Piece Luffy (by Paper e craft):


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    1. I think you are talking about the password when you try to open the PDO file in Pepakura DESIGNER...?

      Unfortunately, this password is set by the creator, and he's the only one who knows it. You don't need the password to print and build the papercraft though! ;o)

      There are two versions of the Pepakura program: the DESIGNER and the VIEWER version. If you us the Pepakura VIEWER version, you should be able to open password protected PDO files without a problem so you can print them.

      In older Pepakura versions, you had to download the VIEWER serarately, but in the newer versions, you can download them together from the Pepakura website:

      If you install both and then even if you accidentelly open a locked PDO file in the DESIGNER version, a pop-up will tell that you can't do that, but will ask to open it in the VIEWER version instead.

      If you still want to know the password because you want to open it in the DESIGNER version because you want to change something, you can try asking the creator (their e-mail is on their website: but usually they put in a password to prevent you from doing that...

      I hope I was able to clarify it a bit for you, but in short: if you just want to build the papercraft, try the Pepakura VIEWER version and the PDO file should open just fine so you can print it (but not change it!)

      If you want to change things, you should ask paper e craft for the password, because he's the one who knows it. ;o)

      Have fun building!

    2. Si, hablo de esa contraseña. El diseño es demasiado grande y lo queria abrir con Pepakura DESIGNER para poder modificarlo y hacerlo mas pequeño. Me gusta mucho como esta hecho y lo queria armar, es una lastima que tenga contraseña!

    3. Well, as I explained you can always try asking the creator (paper e craft) explaining your idea and why you would like to open it in Pepakura Designer. Even if he doesn't want to share the password because maybe he used it on other papercrafts as well, you could ask him to send you an unlocked version, or maybe he would be willing to change the scale for you, and send you the file for that one. that way he doesn't have to give you the password, and he might be more willing to help you out. ;o)

      I hope you can contact him and is willing to help you out, otherwise you could also 'print' the papercraft from Pepakura Viewer as a PDF file (like with Microsoft Print to PDF, or a separate PDF printer that you can find online for free like CutePDF). Then you can print the PDF, and most PDF readers will let you set the scale when you want to print it so you can shrink the papercraft to the exact scale you want. Or you can first open the PDF file in an image editor like Photoshop or Gimp (or any image editor that can open PDF files of course, or you can convert the PDF file to bitmap files first with and scale and/or edit the parts before you print it.

      I hope this helps, have fun building!


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