Sunday, December 22, 2013

Charles won second prize in the Lotus F1/Burn Energy Drink papercraft #MyKimiRobot contest!

Those who think you never win in a contest, guess again; Charles won 2nd prize in the Lotus F1/Burn Energy Drink #MyKimiRobot contest ! ;o)

The prize was a real, signed Formula 1 helmet, and it took a while before it finally arrived, but as you can see, now it has!

Some of you might remember Charles from the repaints he did some time ago, making my papercraft LEGO minifigs into Captain America and Batman's Bane, so it's not that big a surprise really to see Charles winning such a cool prize with his creativity! ;o)

If you want to see his papercraft LEGO minifig repaints (and download the parts to build them yourself! ;o), you can find them in the "hall of fame" on my papercraft webpage:

Maybe Charles' success will inspire you to get creative and try your hand at the contests you come across too? (and of course it's just good fun! ;o)

Congratulations on winning such a cool prize!

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