Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Customize + build your own papercraft NHK Broadcasting mascot Domo-kun!

Domo-kun is the official mascot of Japan's public broadcasting company NHK!

Normally he's all-brown, but with this Flash-website, you can colour him any way to like and print the resulting template to make your own papercraft Domo-kun!

After watching the instructional video, follow these steps to create your own papercraft Domo-kun:

1) click the blank Domo-kun on the right side of the screen

2) click the orange "同意する" button if you agree with the terms and conditions

3) enter your name and then click the orange "OK" button

4) click the orange "どーも くん を作る" button to close the tool explanation

5) use the tools to colour and customize your Domo-kun and then click the orange "OK" button on the left underneath the 3D preview

6) enter a short message and the name of a friend that you want to show your Domo-kun to and then click the orange "投稿する" button

7) finally, click the white buttons on the right to either download a PDF file of your creation (top button: " ダウンロード") or print it directly from the browser window (bottom button: " プリント") 

8) Have fun building! ;o)

Customize + build your own papercraft Domo-kun!

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