Sunday, December 15, 2013

Papercraft rose

Because roses can be in all kinds of colours, Rainman made a blank template that you can print on any colour paper you want! ;o)

Download + build your own papercraft rose (by Rainman):
(click the the "첨부파일" link next to the green arrow at the top right and then click the "내PC 저장" links; print the blank parts on the coloured paper of your choice; pre-coloured version on Canon's Creative Park!)


  1. Only problem is you need to have adobe illustrator to open the expensive for me!

    1. Although there are freeware alternatives to open *.ai files, on the page you can also download a PDF file that has all three pages, and that you can open with any PDF reader.

      Also, if you want a pre-coloured PDF version to print on normal paper (the version from this page need to be printed on coloured paper) you can go to Canon Creative Park via the link mentioned on the page:

      So I think with the PDF versions, you don't have to worry about getting a program to open *.ai files I think! ;o)


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