Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Papercraft Advance Wars Infantry WIP 5

In the first Advance Wars game, the Black Hole army was basically just an "evil clone" of the Orange Star army, but in Advance Wars 2, now the cat was out of the bag, they had their own, original unit sprites!

It turned out the Black Hole foot soldiers had a futuristic looking helmet covering their heads, so I tried to make something out of paper that could be recognized as such. ;o)

Making a paper model by hand sounds difficult, but it is really just a matter of trying out your ideas every time and keep adjusting it until you're happy with it:

Like for some of my tries, I didn't like the shape, some were too small, others too big, but finally, I ended up with a helmet that looked just right to me! (it's a whole "Goldilocks" thing, really... ;o)

The helmet was basically the last thing I needed to make anew; all the other parts of the Black Hole infantry are in essence the same as the rest of the Infantry, so it shouldn't take long now before it's finished.

Stay tuned!

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