Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cute papercraft "Yo-Kai Watch" Jibanyan

The cute ghost cat Jibanyan is the mascot for "Yo-Kai Watch" video game series!

Download + build your own cute papercraft "Yo-Kai Watch" Jibanyan (by Gon-Nag):


  1. Download link is dead

  2. I'm afraid it looks like you're right...

    It was posted in the Pepakura Gallery under nummer 1123, but now the numbers jump from 1121 to 1126:

    I can't remember if gon-nag had a website, or some means of contacting him/her, but maybe if you are lucky, you can still find it somewhere...?

    Maybe if you do a "Search by image" with Google: (click the camera icon and upload an image of copy paste the image URL: for an image like this one

    But I think you will have a try a lot of links because most of them will point to the Pepakura Gallery...

    I'm sorry that I can't help you better! :o(


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