Sunday, October 19, 2014

Papercraft Nestlé Japan "Adult Sweetness" D51 498 steam locomotive mini Kit Kat dispenser

I have no idea if the Glico candy snacks Kancolle papercraft promotion is still in effect, but as you can see, I really don't think we'll ever have to worry about Japanese candy lovers not having any neat promotions with their candy... ;o)

The picture above is from a special version of Nestlé Japan's "Adult Sweets" Kit Kat package, which has a cool, no-glue-needed/tab-and-slot papercraft D51 class steam locomotive mini Kit Kat dispenser included! ;o)

And as you can see in this video from the JapanToy Mania channel, it's easy to build:

So if you're crazy about Japanese candy and/or papercraft and steam locomotives, now all you have to do is find a store where you can get these... ;o)

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