Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Unlock October papercraft Tokyo Metro 9000 series train

This is the seventh Tokyo Metro quiz to unlock a papercraft subway train already, a 9000 series this time! ;o)

As before (April, May, June, July, August and September) you need to answer 6 true-or-false questions correctly, so if you don't understand Japanese you could simply guess your way through (a red "正解" after choosing your answer means the answer was correct, a blue "不正解" means it was wrong - or you can look at the answers at the bottom of this post);

If you got all six answers right, at the end you will see a blue button near the bottom saying "プレゼントをダウンロード" that will let you download the PDF parts file (otherwise it will say "もう一度チャレンジ!" and take you back to the beginning so you can try again).

- unlock papercraft Tokyo Metro October 2014 train! -
Good luck and have fun!

(Tokyo Metro May October Test answers: Q1o, Q2o, Q3o, Q4x, Q5x and Q6o)


  1. There is a new model again.
    Tokyo Metro November 2014 Test answers: Q1o, Q2o, Q3x, Q4o, Q5o and Q6x

    1. I hope the real metro trains are as punctual as the posting of the papercraft quiz versions! ;o)


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