Sunday, October 26, 2014

Papercraft Tomb Raider 3 London catsuit vignette release!

It's been a while in the making, but here it is: my newest papercraft vignette, of Lara Croft in the leather catsuit from Tomb Raider 3's London levels, accompanied by some nasty rats... ;o)

The finished Tomb Raider 3 "London catsuit" vignette!
Tomb Raider 4 mummy meets Tomb Raider 3 Lara...
It's a pity this papercraft Lara wasn't around yet when I made the Tomb Raider 3
T-Rex trophy head model; it would have been done a lot quicker! ;o)
Papercraft Tomb Raider / Advance Wars crossover! ;o)
The rats in the Tomb Raider video games aren't very smart, really...

The four papercraft Tomb Raider vignettes so far...

Download + build your own papercraft Tomb Raider 3 London catsuit vignette (and lots more!) from my papercraft webpage:

Ninjatoes' papercraft Tomb Raider models
    Have fun building!

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