Tuesday, February 13, 2018

papercraft SpaceX Falcon Heavy space rocket

I'm sure you heard about the successful SpaceX Falcon Heavy maiden flight (the one with the Tesla car payload...) and now you want a papercraft? Lucky you!🚀

The real thing...

...and paper-replika.com's paper version!

Download + build your papercraft SpaceX Falcon Heavy space rocket
(+lots more, by paper-replika.com):

(download instructions: click the "Free SpaceX Falcon Heavy Template" link on paper-replika.com's website;
don't forget the PDF file password!)


  1. Even though Paper Replika has some very pretty models in its repertoire, AXM paper models has a much bigger (1/100) and much more accurately detailed Falcon Heavy as a free download. It even has the cherry red Tesla as a payload. Just so you know. (-:

    1. Haha I just knew somebody was going to make it - so it turns out somebody already did! ;o) Thanks for sharing!


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