Sunday, February 11, 2018

papercraft Touhou Project Aunn Komano

There are *so many* Touhou Project games (it helps that I know that Nobi mostly *makes* Touhou Project papercrafts 😝) with *so many* characters...

But I searched around, and found out that this is Aunn Komano, "The Guardian Beast Devoted to Shintoism and Buddhism", the 3rd stage boss from Touhou Project's "Eastern Jade Scepter of the Skies ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons".


Download + build your own papercraft Touhou Project Aunn Komano (+lots more, by Nobi):

(click the green "ペパクラ高麗野あうん.zip" link on Nobi's papercraft weblog, or use the link in the Pepakura Gallery)


  1. Wow you have some detective skills! I am actually having a hard time figuring who she was, even though I know she's from Touhou Project because Nobi always likes to make them. The problem is there are so many Touhou installments. I appreciate the info. Thank you!

    1. Yes sometimes it's hard, especially with papercrafts that are from somewhere not that well known... But luckily this time there were pictures of the character so I'm fairly certain I found the right one. ;o)


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