Thursday, February 8, 2018

Final Fantasy X papercraft Lulu built by Richard

Although I don't have nearly as much of spare time now to make papercrafts as I used to (hopefully in the future again! 😇) I think it's great that people still like to build the older ones too, like Lulu! ;o)

Richard says he never played Final Fantasy X before, but he liked my papercraft of Lulu so much that he decided to build it anyway - and then like his papercraft Batman earlier, he photoshopped her in an appropriate setting.🌲🌳🌳

Have a look at the hall of fame on my papercraft webpage to see more papercrafts that Richard built, and many others!🙂

Download + build your own papercraft Final Fantasy X Lulu:

Have fun building!


  1. This is nice! Richard did a good job building your Lulu papercraft. I like your paper models, I hope you'll find more time for papercrafts. :)

    1. Me too! It will probably be quite a while especially before I can do "bigger" papercrafts, but I don't see myself stopping papercrafting entirely anytime soon anyway! ;o)


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