Monday, July 1, 2019

Tomb Raider II papercraft "Home Sweet Home" vignette WIP

If you ever played Tomb Raider II (and finished it!) you'll recognize the new papercraft I hinted at last week: it's Lara's famous shower scene! 🚿😍

(sorry guys, she shoots the camera before things get... steamy; a Lady should be modest, after all 😉)

As you can see, I've already quickly test built this "Home Sweet Home" vignette, and after a few tweaks, I'll make the final version and instructions for the release.

(at one point, I shortly contemplated making Headless Lara this year's Halloween Special, which I'm sad to say I also missed the past three years... But I'm committed to pick up that 'tradition' again this year! 🎃)

Stay tuned!

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