Saturday, March 16, 2013

Comic book Batman Flash repaint by David!

David Penso did another repaint of one of my papercraft models (earlier he made Lara into the Black Widow: link), making comic book hero Batman into comic book hero Flash! ;o)

Papercraft Chinese YoCi cartoon Yoyo the monkey!

Yoyo is the boy monkey (Cici being the girl) from the cute Chinese YoCi cartoon monkey duo!

Salsa, Yoshi and SpongeBob Squarepants papercraft toys!

After the Mother 3 Salsa papercraft toy, Paperman now also made Yoshi and SpongeBob Squarepants!

11th Doctor Who + Tardis papercraft toys!

Matt Smith plays the 11th Doctor Who already in the BBC series with the same name!

Papercraft Mazda Eunos 500!

Papercraft Mazda Eunos 500 in several different colours!

Friday, March 15, 2013

OnThisDay (2012): papercraft LEGO Castle Forestmen minifigs!

"Forestmen" is an old, discontinued LEGO Castle subtheme, but have a look online and you can see their hidden treehouses and forest caves are still awesome!

Pope Franciscus I papercraft toy!

"Habemus papam!" Earlier this week, the Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was chosen as the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church, taking on the name Franciscus in honour of Saint Francis of Assissi.

Fire Emblem Marth papercraft toy and mask!

Marth is back as one of the characters in Fire Emblem Awakening! (and as a papercraft toy)

Papercraft SEGA Toylet interactive urinal video game screens!

I'm sure some people play video games on the toilet, but probably not like this...

Coraline papercraft toy!

The young Coraline discovers a doorway to another world that is almost the same as hers...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Papercraft Asterix the Gaul!

A papercraft Asterix to go with the Idéfix (Dogmatix) of yesterday! (maybe Obelix is not far behind? ;o)

Papercraft Minecraft house diorama!

Cute papercraft Minecraft house diorama!

Papercraft Kaguya Luxury Highway Bus!

The latest papercraft bus from MegaMoonLiner is a 15 m long Beulas Glory, nicknamed "Empress Kaguya", for a fantasy bus corporation called "Kaguya Luxury Highway Bus".

Alice in Wonderland papercraft toy!

Everybody knows the story of Alice, who fell into a rabbit hole and discovered a land full of wonders!

University of Kansas papercraft and origami!

The Ecohawk car is a project by The University of Kansas to develop a fuel-efficient car, and the Jayhawk is the official mascot of the KU sports teams! (and paper planes are just fun! ;o)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Diq Blind built my papercraft Kim Disney's Possible! (and Brandon's Winnie the Pooh Tigger ;o)

From the looks of this picture, Tigger must be a big Kim Possible fan, but Kim herself looks a bit worried with a tiger standing so close behind her... ;o)

Papercraft LEGO Ninjago Cole DX minifig!

Balazs reworked one of my papercraft LEGO Forestmen minifigs into a papercraft LEGO Ninjago Lloyd ZX some time ago (link), but he's still working on the hat/mask; but Rainman has made his own, simpler version of a papercraft LEGO Ninjago Cole DX!

Papercraft Asterix & Obelix Idéfix (Dogmatix)!

Idéfix (English name Dogmatix) is the loyal friend of Asterix and Obelix and accompanies them on many of their adventures!

Eggie Eddie Easter egg papercraft toy!

Eggie Eddie might be the only Easter egg that can walk right back out when you try to hide him... ;o)

Netroid Universe Stal papercraft toy!

Jimbox31's dedicated "Netroid Universe" paper poseables site with a new Poplock Stal pony papercraft toy!

Papercraft Patoroch papercraft Warhammer 40k Voss Lightning Strike II repaint!

After repainting Patoroch's Warhammer 40k Thunderbolt, Michael den Ouden did the same for his Voss Lightning Strike II!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Paper Poseable My Little Pony Shining Armor!

Poseable paper toy of My Little Pony Shining Armor, based on the Poplocks system by Josh Buczynski!

Papercraft Ben 10 Echo Echo alien form!

Echo Echo is one of the alien forms that Ben 10 can turn into using the Omnitrix!

Chibi papercraft winter camouflage World War II German Panther tank!

Chibi papercraft World War II German Panther tank in winter camouflage.

Junko Mizuno-style Hansel and Gretel papercraft toys!

Hansel and Gretel papercraft toys based on the works of Junko Mizuno!

Thir13en Ghosts Great Child & Dire Mother papercraft toys!

The Great Child and Dire Mother are two of the thirteen ghosts from the movie... Thir13en Ghosts. ;o)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Official Codemasters F1 Race Stars papercraft toys + face masks!

The Codemasters video game F1 Race Stars features all 12 teams and 24 drivers of the 2012 Formula 1 season, but also two fictional teams with drivers Kira Hoshihara, Josh Merit, Ruby Power
and Jessica Chekker!

Be My Toys festival (April 16 - April 21 Paris) papercraft toy contest!

Be My Toys is an urban toy festival that will be held from April 16 - April 21, 2013 at the Viaduc
des Arts on Avenue Daumesnil 57, Paris!

Papercraft Citroëns!

On this page you can download several neat papercraft Citroën cars, including the Citroën 2CV from The Castle of Cagliostro!

Municipal Library Hannan papercraft bus!

A little friendly gift from the Municipal Library Hannan: a neat little papercraft bus!

Papercraft Star Wars+more scifi tabletop gaming vehicles!

GhostofMan has lots of papercraft Star Wars and other science fiction tabletop gaming vehicles and more!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Papercraft l'Oiseau Bleu buses!

This time, MegaMoonLiner made not one but several papercraft buses at once, that could easily join the real buses of the l'Oiseau Bleu travel agency!

Papercraft mini Pokémon Espeon!

Another papercraft mini Pokémon from Paperpokés, Espeon!

New papercraft panda (+more) from Kizuna Avenue!

New papercraft panda by Kizuna Avenue! (old ones include a beetle, locust, dragonfly, praying mantis, hornet, Misupi, dodo and a ton-ton tapping game)

Papercraft The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon crossbow!

Daryl Dixon is a character from the The Walking Dead tv series, and his weapon of choice is this crossbow!

Papercraft Chinese Zodiac animals + Mazda Demio!

We're almost a month into the new Chinese New Year already, but I don't think I mentioned the new Year of the Snake papercraft model from this site yet?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sophie Ellis-Bextor papercraft toy!

In the 1990s, Sophie Ellis-Bextor was the lead singer of the indie rock band Theaudience, but her real success came after the band split up and she went solo!

Papercraft Volvo B10M bus + Renault Master vans!

Frykmo has an N-scale Volvo bus and two different N- or HO-scale Renault Master vans!

Papercraft Subaru Legacy!

This papercraft Subaru Legacy comes in three different versions:: a Rothmans rally car version, a regular production version and a 100,000 km FIA World Land Endurance Record version!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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