Saturday, September 27, 2008

Motivational posters (+secret project clue!)

A while ago, I started making motivational posters for when I released a new model. When I do a new papercraft project, I really get in the mood, scouring the web for any interesting info (even though 99% isn't really helpful in making the model ;o) and my mind starts thinking in all kinds of lame one liners.

Looking at my "motivational" posters won't really motivate you to do anything though, mine are basically just funny images with a lame catchphrase. I just liked the style. ;o)

I get a lot of reactions on them (apparantly some people like my lame sense of humor) so I made a special DeviantArt gallery where you can view them all.

Concerning my super-secret papercraft project, I have started re-building the 3D model so I can later unfold it the way I want to.

Even though I can't show you of course (else it wouldn't be much of a secret anymore) there is now a clue to what it might be somewhere on my blog... If you find and and would like to take a guess what my secret project is, you can do so by leaving a comment here. Good luck and have fun! ;o)

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