Monday, September 8, 2008

New work in progress: Fierce Deity Link

Everybody knows Fierce Deity Link is Link x cool=cool^2. But I found his standard resting pose a bit boring, and the combat animation I captured was better, but I didn't care much for the very uncool pose his left arm was in...

I also wanted him to look like he was ready to strike down an enemy, so I combined the battle animation with his standard pose so that the double helix sword is pointing up, instead of down.

Like all models that aren't specifically designed for papercraft, it needs all of the standard fixing, but because of my "cool pose" idea, I also need to re-model the parts where the lower arms of the first model now connect to the upper arms of the second model.

But I need to re-model the upper arms anyway, because in any pose besides the standard one the arms are all... weird, and inside his body. Great for 5th generation videogames, not so great for paper models...

And I need to model an ass, because N64 Link doesn't have one.

Stay tuned!

greetz ninjatoes

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