Saturday, March 28, 2009

Final Fantasy VII / Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife papercraft model release

Whew, finally finished:

Have fun building!


  1. You got a new cutting mat! What about your hardcore old warn out one? That thing was disturbingly awesome.

  2. Haha, actually I have two of them, one A4 size (the one that's so "well used" ;o) and an A3 sized one that someone else bought me, but I rarely use that one because it's just a tad too big to fit in between the clutter in my work area... ;o)

  3. Hello ninjatoes!Thank you to continue creating and sharing these wonderful models!

    Cloud looks amazing, great work!

    Only one thing missing for the model be perfect....

    I think you forgot the three pins in the shoulder and the bracelet above the claw on her left hand.

    Maybe you can add these details later, after all are simple and easy to create.

    Greetings from Brazil.

    P.s: Sorry for my bad english.^^

  4. Yeah, I left those (and the bandage hanging from the sword) out because I liked the way the model looked better without them...

  5. I like him a lot!!! (except maybe his nose... I find it too long and too straight :P But I'm always too picky, so...) Good job on him!!!
    I think I'll start on it as soon as I finish the Jolteon TBuild I'm doing for Paperpokes! :D


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